Senior Get Quarterly Newsletter
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Senior Get Quarterly Newsletter

150,957 Total Universe Universe Rate $95.00/M
35,088 1st Qtr 2018 + $10.00/M  

Senior Get Quarterly Newsletter

Senior Get Quarterly is a smart and humorous take on boomer living. It’s editorial irreverence appeals to young seniors to young seniors nationwide featuring articles spanning from “getting a life” to STD transmissions within the community. Senior Get Quarterly readers will not be likely to be rocking away their latter years on a front porch. They are informed, independent, and relevant

AGE: $10.00/M

INCOME: $10.00/M

SCF: $5.00/M

SEX: $5.00/M

Minium Order 5000

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Popularity: 95
Card Quality: D 65.0
Market: Consumer
Type: Postal
Source: Internet/On-Line,
Geo: USA
Gender: 54% Female 38% Male
Income: $65,000.00
Spending: $4.99 Average Order
Manager: Peppermill Marketing, Inc. since 07/01/2015

NextMark ID: 442904
mIn ID: 442904
Market Entry: 07/28/2015
New to Manager: 07/01/2015
New to System: 07/28/2015
Announcement: 07/29/2015
Next Update: 01/04/2019
Frequency: QUARTERLY