Our Living Center Newsletter
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Our Living Center Newsletter

197,293 Total Universe Universe Rate $105.00/M
18,440 MONTHLY HOTLINE + $10.00/M  

Our Living Center Newsletter

Kicking off each month with a new spiritual affirmation, “Our Living Center” newsletter keeps thousands of its readers current on topics of environment and alternative health. Best selling author, lecturer, TV personality and life coach, Gary Quinn’s monthly missal is packed with insights on how to become best person you can be, mentally, spiritually and health wise. His latest book, “May the angels be with you” is lauded as being among Amazons best sellers.


SCF: $5.00/M

STATE: $5.00/M

ZIP: $5.00/M

Minium Order 5000

Contact Us:


Popularity: 95
Card Quality: D 63.75
Market: Consumer
Type: Postal
Source: Direct response
Geo: USA
Gender: 68% Female 26% Male
Income: $50,000.00
Manager: Peppermill Marketing, Inc.

Tracking Code/ID:
NextMark ID: 287940
mIn ID: 148085
SRDS ID: 898064-000
Market Entry:
New to System: 05/18/2010
Announcement: 05/19/2010
Next Update: 01/04/2019
Frequency: MONTHLY