It’s the gift that keeps on giving…and now your customer mailing list can give so much more!
At Peppermill, we understand the valuable role your client mailing list plays in customer retention marketing. However, I’m often surprised that the profitability of your customer mailing list stops there. These mailing lists can be big revenue earners when licensed to other advertisers for one-time mailing rental. It’s safe to assume your customers are interested in a wide variety of non-competitive services and products.

Let Peppermill’s top-notch list management team show you how to transform your customer mailing list into an energetic revenue stream by renting it to top paying, non-competitive, nationally recognized advertisers.

PMI skilled experts make managing your rental program Care-free and Highly Profitable.
As your representatives, PMI can initiate and manage your mailing lists’ rental program tailoring a profitable turnkey operation requiring little or none of your valuable time. Our first step is to insure the integrity of the data, making sure the list is up to industry standards. If required, we can update, scrub and demographically enhance your company mailing list to boost performance and increase rental value. Next we promote your company mailing list both online and off, advertising in industry directories, broker blogs and alternative media. But here’s the key… we get on the phone a directly contact advertisers and brokers we know have used similar lists.

We do it all- arrange the rentals, negotiate the fees, accounting verification, collection and payment to you. 
It really is that easy. Peppermill will provide you with a monthly list owner’s report, detailing aging, receivables and collections of your list’s activity. Payment to our list owners is prompt, always within 5 days of PMI’s receipt of advertiser’s remittance.