Los Ninos Olvidados
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Los Ninos Olvidados

299,657 Total Universe Universe Rate $95.00/M
22,870 Monthly Hotline + $10.00/M  

Los Ninos Olvidados

A direct mail appeal, Los Ninos Olvidados reaches thousands of Spanish speaking Latinos each year. It is recognized for its good work feeding hungry children in states and throughout Latin America. Average Donation $17.00.

AGE $10.00/M

INCOME $10.00/M

Zip/SCF $5.00/M


Minium Order 5000

Contact Us:


Popularity: 95
Card Quality: D 62.5
Market: Consumer
Type: Email, Postal
Source: Internet/On-Line, Direct
mail sold
Opt-In: Opt-in
Geo: USA
Gender: 63% Female 34% Male
Income: $40,000.00
Spending: $17.00 Average Order
Manager: Peppermill Marketing, Inc. since 11/05/2012

Key Coding Please inquire
EMAIL $50.00/F
FTP $50.00/F