All-Cash Sweepstakes

303,290 12 month active players $85.00/M
21,406 monthly hotline +10.00/M

Works for: Travel; Opportunity; Puzzles, Apparel; Publications; Sweepstakes

All Cash Sweepstakes

Here are responsive sweepstakes players, 65% female & 35% male. At just $3.95 per minute, using a touchtone phone, these callers enter their lucky sweepstakes number to instantly dial up valuable cash awards.

The prospect of becoming $1,000 richer in one phone call holds great appeal for the jackpot hopefuls. Call time varies but most entrants clock in a play response call-time of 6.5 minutes.


Email/FTP $50/F
Label $12/M
sex $5/M
income $10/M
age $10/M

source 100% Television
contact Sevak Dirassoyan
phone 310.659.8900